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  • Clain’s Alternative View of the CWT Ransomware Event

    Unlike the report of a CWT ransom investigator who declared that all of the extorted funds were syphoned off into four different exchanges, Clain found that a big chunk of that money actually headed to what’s known as a "mixing service".

  • The most recent attempt to launder stolen UPbit hacked funds involves an array of well-known exchanges

    The most recent attempt to launder the stolen UPBit funds involved a number of prominent, well-known exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Okex.

  • PlusToken: The Scale Of The Launder

    Clain has determined that PlusToken theft involved a massive chain of consecutive transfers and used over 500k addresses to merge criminal proceeds from other wotoken ponzi

  • Miners: No Effect On Bitcoin Price Action

    Clain analyzed bitcoin miners’ behavior to determine how mining activity has evolved within time and if bitcoin price has had any impact on miners’ behavior. We looked back into funds flow history and did not find significant correlation between their activity and the price action of bitcoin

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