Clain CRM

Compliance Risk Management Platform

A comprehensive all-in-one software platform to bring your business in full compliance with AML/CFT regulation

Clain CRM is using unique methodology to profile user risk in each single transaction passing the network in real time, thus enabling your business to detect and prevent illicit activity before it gains further traction

The intelligent automation provides instant alert on adverse changes in crypto exposure allowing to navigate risk on both organizational and user-base level.

Case management tool reduces the workload for compliance department, streamlines all the related reporting procedures and improves collaboration experience in the team.

Our strength

Clain CRM equips clients with unparalleled features and tools to monitor each user activity as it occurs real time, at scale and speed unattainable among present alternative service providers

  • 01

    ML-Driven Heuristics

    We extensively use machine-learning technology to cluster blockchain addresses and deliver top-tier results with lowest margin of error, making our insight one of the most trusted.

  • 02

    Robust Score Engine

    Our smart propagation of risk, based on cryptocurrency flow, affects the entire set of stored data with each coming block, and no limitation of transactional hops can degrade our performance.

  • 03

    User Risk Attribution

    We provide instantaneous access to details of each user exposure. It includes exact source and destination of user funds along with a bundle of valuable metrics.

  • 04

    Background Surveillance

    To those who need always extra, we provide unique capability to automatically monitor user counterparty exposure, proactively notifying about emergent risks.

  • 05

    Score Customization

    Fine-tuning risk factors for score calculation of each group of users ensures effective alert management system.

  • 06

    Case Management

    Full-cycle case management system provides an effective way to collaboratively work and communicate at each step of compliance procedures.

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    Breakthrough performance

    It takes no more than 25 seconds on average to apply new coming data and recalculate risk for each piece of data stored in the blockchain. And we do it with each block mind in the network.

Why work with us

“Clain is impressive not only because of its elegant and comprehensive ability to convey vital blockchain analytics data effectively and timely, but its risk scoring system is unique and positions them well for a leadership in this space.”

Jack Tatar

Managing Editor, Forbes Cryptoasset & Blockchain Advisor


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