Proactively protect your company from crypto crime
Anti Money Laundering Controls that are built to scale and increase productivity for companies of all sizes
Designed for a seamless connection to navigate customer risk
Automated monitoring and
case management system
React to risk in real-time
Our risk engine is designed to work autonomously and notify you as soon as potentially illicit activity is detected
With real-time monitoring, instantly freeze accounts when an alert is triggered for further investigation
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Get more information on incidents and alerts than any other compliance provider on the market
Switch between lineal and visual representations instantly to more easily understand alerts
Easily assess the potentially suspicious activities of a user at the time of detection, as well as their entire history, from a single alert
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Run investigations and file regulatory reports
Every action taken for an investigation is saved in a fully auditable case history
Make collaboration easy between team members with our standard and customizable workflows
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Implement in hours, not weeks Setting up the environment
Easily connect your data and begin screening wallets and transactions
Only 3 API calls required to set up an environment
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Deploy pre-defined AML/CFT Rules or build your own with our no code rules engine
Clain's risk templates enable companies to get up and running immediately
Strengthen your rules with extra filters and our customizable scoring system
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Adjust and test rules independently or with the assistance of our WORLD CLASS data science team
Fine tune rules and leverage our data science team to reduce false positives and increase the effectiveness of investigations
Pre-calculate rules in a sandbox environment before moving to production
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AML risk assessment and team performance
Examine team performance with various metrics and customizable dashboards
Measure effectiveness at each step of the compliance process
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Continually assess how AML and fraud processes impact your company
Take a deeper look at compliance as a whole
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What separates Clain from other compliance providers
ML-Driven Heuristics
We use machine-learning technology to cluster blockchain addresses and deliver top-tier detection results with the lowest margin of error possible
Intuitive Case Management
Our full-cycle case management system provides easy and effective way to collaborative and communicate at each step of compliance process
The Most Robust Score Engine
Our smart propagation of risk, based on cryptocurrency flow, affects the entire set of stored data with each incoming block and no amount of transactional hops can degrade our performance
Easily Customize Risk Parameters
Easily fine-tune risk factors for scoring each group of users and enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of alerts
User Risk Attribution
We provide instantaneous access to the details of each user's exposure, including the exact source and destination of funds along with a myriad of other metrics and valuable insights
Background Surveillance
We provide the unique capability to automatically detect counterparty risk and proactively prevent illicit exposure from affecting your system
Compliance Risk Management supports 2000+ cryptoassets

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