Power next-gen cryptocurrency investigations
Conduct and manage investigations with unmatchable tools and analysis
Probe brings blockchain investigations to an unprecedented level
Gain full control over how big data is accessed, filtered, and visualized with a simple and friendly graph interface
Case Management Capabilities
Build your investigation
Manage multiple graphs under one case
Comment, track actions, and link files, all in one, fully-auditable case history
Easily collaborate with team members and track historical activity within one view
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Demix transactions with Clain's advanced transaction filter engine
Choose from 84 different parameters
Save previous filters and create alerts for new transactions
Validate filter results by seamlessly transferring transactions to graphs
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Analyze any crypto wallet exposure and its life-time activity
More fully understand the source and destination of funds
Identify historical interactions with counterparties
Combine direct and in-direct exposure up to the very last satoshi
No limit on the number of hops
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Trace the flow of funds
Peel-chain automatic tracing
Leverage powerful filtering sets to find the destination of funds
Automate tracing across chains
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Collaborate within teams
Simultaneous investigate on a graph with teammates
Invite teammates to track, progress, and present cases
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Clients select Clain’s Probe for its:
Ability to investigate across multiple chains
Clain supports investigating multiple blockchains within a single graph while simultaneously updating progress from other team members
Vast and unique data set
Clain offers more high-quality data across major networks than any other provider
Ease of use
Clain enables collaborative analysis of large-scale data at any step of the investigation process and allows users to securely share insights with team members, keeping the full case history in an auditable timeline.
Technical capabilities
Easily interpret large-scale data sets. Clain provides an extremely flexible ways to filter through various blockchains and related parties.
Customizable workflows
Customize standard workflows and notifications of new events within an investigation. Create parameters for appropriate response time.
Unprecedented performance
Spend time more productively by reviewing insights of data analysis rather than waiting for it to be processed.
Probe supports 2000+ cryptoassets

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