Clain Probe

Crypto Investigation Platform

Clain’s proprietary visualization tool to explore and discover criminal activity in blockchain

Probe is powered by Clain backbone technology enabling investigators effectively trace and uncover criminal flow in blockchain transactions.

With support of over 90% of actively circulating crypto assets, we provide unparalleled insight on decentralized ecosystem by linking pseudonymous network participants with real-world actors.

Probe brings big and complex data into an interactive graph interface to quickly surface relationships between blockchain events and participants.


Search for data

Start with a single point of search, such as crypto address, transaction hash, or OSINT information.

Explore relationships

Delve into related data for interesting subsets for further analysis.

Visualize queries

Manipulate and display data as a sequence of events with data connections.

Collect evidence

Look for more evidence to build up a strong case or test out hypothesis

Present case

Collaboratively present case with custom annotations and notes.

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Our strength

Check out Probe features to bring your investigation routine to the next level. We created the tool that gives analysts full control over how data is visualized with point-and-click user interface.

  • 01

    Collaborative Intelligence

    We enable collaborative analysis of large-scale data at any step of investigation and allow to securely share insight within group members.

  • 02

    Unique Interface

    Turn massive-scale data into answers with intuitive graph interface. With filtering through different blockchains and related object, we provide an extreme flexibility in the way you can visualize output data.

  • 03

    Real-time Updates

    It takes no more than 25 seconds on average to apply new block data and recalculate the entire platform. We do it with each block mind and keep data delay shortest among all the competitors.

  • 04

    AI Algorithms

    We develop intelligent algorithms aimed to assist you with right steps during investigations. New incoming data will promptly suggest about the changes it brings to the current investigations.

  • 05

    Breakthrough performance

    Allows you to spend more time on analyzing the data rather than waiting for it to be processed and delivered.

  • 06

    Extra Privacy

    Taking your privacy with extra care is a must. We isolate your sensitive data from all other products, and make sure that access to it is properly logged and monitored.

  • 07

    Extra Security

    To increase access security, we employ 2FA authentication and whitelisted IPs. We also provide on premise installs, vRack position inside internal network with VPN access.

Why work with us

“Clain is impressive not only because of its elegant and comprehensive ability to convey vital blockchain analytics data effectively and timely, but its risk scoring system is unique and positions them well for a leadership in this space.”

Jack Tatar

Managing Editor, Forbes Cryptoasset & Blockchain Advisor


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We believe the best way to introduce a new product is to let people see it in action. If you want to learn more how our product can help your organization, drop us a line.

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