Financial Institutions

and other financial intermediaries

As crypto markets grow stronger and mainstream, financial institutions worldwide are turning less skeptical towards crypto businesses, showing more signs to innovate and capture the growth opportunity of the emerging asset class.

Extending services to crypto businesses is traditionally cumbersome. Typically, banks refrain from on-boarding crypto clients due to multiple reasons.

Why banks are reluctant to on-board crypto clients?

  • 01

    Inherently bad reputation stemming from darknet exposure

  • 02

    Necessity to reeducate the compliance team and upgrade its legacy model

  • 03

    Technical inability to detect and address bad exposure accordingly


Revisit your approach to crypto today

At Clain, we offer solutions to mitigate risk, bridging the gap between decentralized assets and off-chain traditional finance.

  1. Assess economic ties and business activity of your clients using our unique data
  2. Build trust with your customers by managing varying levels of risk and exposure with our proprietary tools
  3. Learn more how to extend your existing compliance with Clain’s dedicated suite of products.

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