AML/KYC solutions
for decentralized networks

We facilitate risk detection in blockchain transactions
to meet your regulatory compliance and provide you with
a meaningful insight on cryptocurrency capital flows

Who we are

Clain is a platform for comprehensive bitcoin analytics. We help our clients successfully navigate through the intertwined network of bitcoin transactions.

With immediate access to recognizable patterns, we open up opportunities to downplay bitcoin activity risks and put you ahead of the curve for upcoming regulatory landscape.

With registered offices in Luxembourg and the United States.

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The problem

Cryptocurrencies provide a new haven for economic crime. Modern criminals have quickly appreciated the unique
properties of the cryptocurrencies and more frequently use the emerging ecosystem for a wide range of unlawful
activities, including but not limited to:

A wider adoption of cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin in particular, as a method of fast, pseudonymous, and intermediate-free transactions, carries significant lack of transparency.

The absence of identifiable counterparties in conjunction with complexities related to crypto funds traceability notably impairs convergence of Bitcoin technology with traditional sectors of economy.

Bitcoin Transactions Growth and Largest Thefts

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To fill in the gap and endorse further adoption of Bitcoin as a legitimate means of value exchange, Clain is addressing a wide
range of problems by providing hands-on solutions for:

Identifying illicit activities

Identifying illicit transactions and
money laundering schemes

Analyzing capital flows

Estimating capital flows between network
participants, gaining insight on their tax liability
base and scale of participation

Investigating crimes

Tracing and searching for stolen
bitcoins as well as investigating

Analyzing community sentiment

Measuring crypto community public mood and
its impact on market dynamics, tracing physical capital flows among major exchanges in real-time

Measuring risks

Maintaining entities scores and automating background-check processes through Clain’s API

The team

Our team is comprised of people from different expertise. The technical core of the team has a solid educational
background in mathematics and physics which provides us with deep understanding of the underlying technology.
Our team is advised by highly-skilled third-party professionals with an international experience in investment,
legal and business development areas.

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With a decade of experience in development, Nate has taken lead positons in planning and implementng enterprise informaton systems...

Nate Tuganov
Founder and CEO

Sergei’s expertise lies in the feld of corporate fnance and portfolio management. He has been long working for an investment firm, overseeing...

Sergei Leonov
Founder and COO

With strong background in math and physics, Sviatoslav joined Clain at the earliest stage and took actve partcipaton in architectng...

Svyatoslav Kovalyov
Lead Data Scientist

Alexander was previously involved in scientfc research of electromagnetc felds propagaton at Omsk Research Institute of ...

Alexander Benzik
Data Scientist

Anton has been long working for a global provider of harmonized integrated solutons in safety, navigaton and ship operatons ...

Anton Sergeev
Lead C++ Developer


With over 20 years of global finance, investing and consulting experience, Jeff brings extensive insights to Clain’s team ...

Jeffrey Volshteyn

Daniel is a Partner of Sadis & Goldberg LLP and is the Head of the Regulatory and Compliance Group. He structures and organizes ...

Daniel G. Viola
Legal Counsel

Dmitri is an experienced investor with over 15+ years of demonstrated track-record in the financial services industry...

Dmitri Laus


The way we handle the data vastly defines what insight we can bring to the clients. Processing and manipulating exponentially growing data on the fly demands creative solutions by leveraging non-trivial stack of technologies.

Clain is a young and rapidly expanding employer, constantly seeking out to recruit new talents.

If you are curious and excited about what we are doing, and you feel like you don’t quite fit into any of the open positions, please send us an email. We would love to know more about you!

We are an equal opportunity firm and strongly believe in diversity. Our team comes from different backgrounds and we love working together to create something bigger than any of us could alone.

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