Law Enforcement

and regulation agencies

Cryptocurrencies provide a new haven for economic crime. Modern criminals have quickly appreciated the unique properties of crypto assets and recurrently abuse the economy with a wide range of unlawful activities:

  • Terrorism financing
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Thefts and hacks
  • Ransomware
  • Illegal gambling
  • Dark markets
  • Tax evasion

Battle with crime

To effectively fight against cybercrime, law enforcement organizations require a way to access, search and visualize blockchain data in comprehensible format with user-friendly and intuitive interface.

In pursuit of crypto adoption, Clain works closely with Industry Regulators through educational activities, providing transparency and trust to emerging economy.

About Probe

Clain provides an environment where agents and officers can work collaboratively on cases, identify suspects, inquire and link all relative data, produce reports and respond to crime in one single platform.

Our in-house team of blockchain researchers can extend expertise and assist in conducting forensic investigations and tailored analyses.

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