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  • Demixing Crypto Mixers with Clain: Samourai Wallet

    Clain Insights: Demixing Samourai Wallet's CoinJoin transactions. Despite challenges, Clain's auto-demixing tool achieved 82% success on deposits, 96% on withdrawals.

  • U.S. Treasury Sanctions, Illicit Financial Networks, and the Fight Against Crypto-Funded Terrorism

    Uncover the U.S. Treasury's new sanctions on Hamas-linked individuals and BuyCash crypto exchange. Learn about illicit financial networks, ties to illegal carding shops, and the role of specialized tools in combating crypto-fueled terrorism.

  • Clain Reveals Brand New Auto-Demixing Solution

    Clain unveils a groundbreaking update to Probe, launching auto-demixing for enhanced blockchain analysis. This first-of-its-kind feature streamlines crypto investigations, cutting manual hours to seconds. Ideal for law enforcement and financial institutions.

  • Takedown the Lolek Bulletproof Hosting Service

    Clain's vast OSINT database tracks ransomware & illicit actors, including Lolek Hosted. Uncover concealed transactions & prevent money laundering with real-time monitoring. Secure your crypto with Clain's advanced CRM.

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