Front-End Developer Position

Job Description

This is an opportunity to join a new and dynamic industry for experienced front-end developers who thrive in a proactive, supportive and high-paced environment.

  • You will become part of a small, yet dedicated team of developers working in Regulation Technology sector.
  • You will be involved in front-end development of the project using React  & Redux with great emphasis on application’s performance (no junk).
  • You will participate in designing a sophisticated SPA’s UI and covering it with tests.
  • You will extensively use methods to effectively visualize and render big  number of charts and graphs with filtering and positioning attributes.  Optimizing performance and using OpenGL with physic dynamics.
  • You will develop internal administrative interfaces with Bootstrap.


To be successful in this role, you will meet the following requirements:

    • Have 4+ year experience with front-end technologies.
    • Have hands-on experience with SPA (using React&Redux/Vue).
    • Have proficiency in JavaScript (Vanilla), HTML, CSS/SCSS, Webpack, React/Vue.
    • Have knowledge of graphs, preferably acquaintance with D3, Sigma.js and other graph visualisation libraries.
    • Have good habit of writing tests, CD/CI.
    • Have English skills to read technical documentation.
    • Have strong analytical skills and self-disciplinary to research solve problems.
    • Possess Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar.    

    Contact: info (at) clain (dot) io